When You Go Dry (herb that is) – Try the G Pen Elite

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Everyone is vaping these days. We had a full debate the other day over whether the mother at the playground with her kids was sneaking behind a tree for a quick puff off of an e-cig or a vape pen. I finally made friendly small talk and asked and she showed me her Dr. Dabber Ghost, which made us instant friends because you know I am an avid Dr. Dabber fan. But I wasn’t always into vaping. Up until last year I truly preferred flower only, no wax or oils. It was not until DD converted me with their Aurora pens that I realized how much I loved it. Still, for me, there is simply something about fresh greens that gets me every time, so I am always on the hunt for a good dry herb vape pen.

This is how I ended up on PortableHookahs.com, and why they have become such a great partner of Mary Jane’s Haute House. The selection is incredible, almost a little overwhelming with so many options, and their customer service can’t be beat. 

For people looking for an easy to use, quick to heat, hard to screw up dry bud vape -there are a ton of options, but
they recommended the G Pen Elite Vaporizer from Grenco Science.

For only $149.95 you receive the full kit which includes the G Pen Elite, a G Grinder Card, a packing tool and a cleaning tool and of course the charger.

You really can’t do anything wrong with this vape, making it perfect for someone new to smoking sans lighter.

To use, you remove the mouthpiece (p.s. impossible to do with a manicure so make sure you have a bobby pin to assist in prying it open) and fill the chamber which holds .75 grams according to the PortableHookahs.com website.

Pop the top back on, turn it on, set the temperature and smoke.
I can’t do any better than the Vape Critic who has a great video showcasing the ease of use and amount of produced vape, and you’ll see this is seriously way easier than most dry vapes on the market. Stick to the Vape Critic’s advice of 375 degrees – you won’t overheat your weed, and you’ll get a cleaner hit. Enjoy!

If you pick up a G Pen Elite of your own – let me know what you think!

Puff, Puff, Pass...

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