Book Review: Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto

Amanda A. is back at it – this time reviewing Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. Let’s see what she thought, shall we?

One thing’s for certain, Navy veteran and political commentator Jesse Ventura sure is passionate about his pot, seeking to spread knowledge about the substance and the part it plays in society today as well as how important it is to remove the stigma and criminalization of Cannabis. This guy definitely did his research and knows his stuff!

This book is loaded with resources including numerous URLs to scientific studies on the effects of Cannabis on specific types of cancers and cancer cell death, financial statistics and some great marijuana-related stocks to invest in. And let us not forget the many medicinal benefits to Marijuana which makes quite clear, such as to dull pain, treat the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and insomnia. It’s supposedly even known to get rid of a bad case of hiccups!

All in all, this book can help teach us what we the people must do to take back our right to marijuana and end the prohibition once and for all.

In his book, Jesse takes you on a tour into the good and the bad, but also brings to light the ugly truth behind our government’s “war on drugs”, big Pharma, and the US prison systems. it all boils down to cashola and control. In my opinion, legalize it all and watch the billions roll in, but no one asked me!

Jesse explains numerous positives if this were to happen, in other words, if the federal top dogs get the sticks out of their asses. Multiple jobs will become available in this new booming industry, tourism will boom, more small businesses, and gobs and gobs of cash money! The biggest win, of course, being access to America’s favorite substance without fear of prosecution.

This book also brings a bonus! Jesse provides some recipes on Cannabis butter, and oil, as well as more medicinal and alternative products such as hemp milk and sorbet. Time to pull out that Magic Butter Machine!

If you want a comprehensive, all-encompassing book about Marijuana facts and how it is relevant in today’s society, then read this book!

P.S. I must also comment on the enjoyable, velvety texture of the dust jacket on the hardcover edition of this book. Silky smooth so enjoy petting your book stoners! I know I did, lol. He sure knows his audience.

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