AnnaBis Bags – Stylish and Sorta, Kinda Smell Proof Too

** We were sent an AnnaBis bag for review, but all opinions below are my own **

Ugh readers, I am so torn on writing this post that I have deliberated on it for days now. I really, really want to love the AnnaBis bags. I really, really do love them. Kinda, sorta…..

I was sent Maya:

Maya is the happiness bag for a phenomenal woman. You can throw her in a tote or keep her in your hand at a dinner party—you’ll look good either way. She’s got an easy-access but secure external phone pocket to maximize marijuana storage inside. Two internal Aroma-Bloc zippered compartments use super high technology to keep even the strongest-smelling herb contained. She also neatly organizes your tools of discretion like mints, eyedrops and perfume.

When Maya arrived I was in love at first sight. Which is why I was disappointed at how rough the interior of the wrist strap was. It was not pleasant to use it and upon a quick jaunt to the grocery store, kept scraping my arm. No problem though. It was still a super cute clutch so I decided on a test run. I loaded up two joints and a small nug for later along with a one hitter, and I was on my way.  Everything fit into the accompanying storage container and the rubber zipper locked side pockets.

I picked up two friends and neither said anything about my car smelling like weed so an A+ there. However the minute I opened the bag to take out cash for valet, the tell tale scent of marijuana wafted out of the bag. Boom – the other shoe drops.

AnnaBis is most definitely one of the nicer, more luxurious looking smell-proof bags on the market, but it just didn’t work as well as others I have tested. And I think it is because of the container included in the bag. Instead of a rubber, airtight container for your nugs or wax, it is a screw top plastic mini jar, and it just isn’t smell proof. If you put your stuff inside the pockets-  all good. But if you put it in the container – no bueno.

I also wish it had a lock. Another purse on the market that I tested was able to be locked, keeping the little ones hands from coming upon the goodies. This might be something AnnaBis wants to consider.

But again, it is a strong, beautifully constructed, high end feeling bag. While others feel more like cosmetic bags, this one felt like a real purse, not just something to throw in another bag. They also donate $5 from every bag sold to Realm of Caring, so you get to shop for a good cause.

Overall I am a fan, but just a few tweaks and I would be singing my praises from the rooftop. Check them out for yourself at And if you find one that doesn’t scratch your arm up – comment and let me know!


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Author: MJ

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  1. Hi MJ – We appreciate your candid review. You’re quite right! Even though Maya is encased in Aroma-Bloc materials, if your meds are not in the zippered compartments you will smell something when you open it up. We’ll take another good look at the screw top containers (I’m surprised that you could smell anything from them!) and we’ll look into the lock, too. Let me ask you a question,though – are you concerned that the lock would cause undue attention to the bag, maybe even invite more scrutiny? We’re thinking about that now as we develop more products to fit the canna mom’s demanding lifestyle. What do you think?

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    • Jeanine – I LOVE the bag, don’t get me wrong. It is beautiful. Such great quality. But the container definitely would shine with a tighter seal. The lock is so tiny on the other bag I utilize that it truly doesn’t cause attention. Plus Alexander McQueen did padlocks on his bags for a while so if anything it looks designer. 😉 As someone whose littles are ALWAYS going into my purse to get something, having a bag with a lock just helps me feel that much more secure.

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