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What’s up readers, this is Mary Janes’ C.E.O., Chief Edibles Officer – BB. I’m writing to let all of you know about an exciting event coming to the Washington D.C. area that I am heading to on April 23rd… The DC Edibles Festival! The 1st annual DC Edibles Festival is committed towards educating the local community to the medicinal benefits of cooking and consuming Marijuana and Cannabis. The DC Edibles Festival will be providing a vast array of educational seminars, demos, speakers, giveaways, entertainment, and their soon to be announced DC Cannabis scholarship program. 

I’m so stoked for this event since there’s not many canna-fests that are strictly dedicated to the tasty morsels! I love to cook and bake so this festival is a no brainer for me. In Asian cultures, it is said you give food to people to show your love, edibles are not excluded from this train of thought. When one of my friends is sick or having a down day, I’ll make them some heady treats to make them smile.
Lately, I have experimenting with infusing more everyday foods, not just desserts. My feeling is that there are many more uses for infused oil and butter than just “hash brownies”. After an adventure to the grocery store, a few of my friends and I decided to make a feast fit for kings and queens (or some SUPER HUNGRY STONERS). We all decided on heady broccoli and cheese soup with HERB buttered steak, mashed potatoes and cereal treat bars for dessert. For the soup, we used some home made infused butter and canna-heavy cream. As we let that simmer, we started on the smashed potatoes using the same components (we were a little too lazy so we just bought the stuff in the packages). The soup was rich and creamy with a tinge of green in the sea of cheddar goodness and the broccoli florets bobbing about. We next took the marshmallows, infused them with the butter then we folded in the cereal we choose (some chocolate stuff with flavored marshmallows) and mixed all of that together, poured it onto a cookie sheet and let it harden for later. Finally we took the bacon wrapped filet mignon and put them in the frying pan with some of the infused butter and a splash of oil, cooked them to perfection (that’s medium rare of course) and topped each of them with a pad of butter as they sat in the pan resting. After all of this amazing food was cooked we had certainly worked up a huge appetite! We sat down to eat our wonderfully infused dinner and by the end of it, no one could move. I may have been so much yummy rich food, lots of green goodness but the best part was sharing the time with people I love.
I’m still somewhat “green” when it comes to canna cooking so I’m very interested in the seminars the DC edibles fest is offering including how to decarb herb, how to make infused candies and gummies (something I haven’t done yet but am VERY interested in learning), and how to make infused honey and teas!
The upcoming event will highlight many local vendors in the DMV area. Tickets are not available online but they hope to release limited tickets through their network of local Event Promoters in the next weeks. 
The two main sponsors of the event are:
Khaos Confections: According to their Facebook page they’re A DC based cannabis company providing free cannabis products for veterans and medical card holders. Khaos Confections is a young and emerging company, driven to provide an extensive selection of top quality cannabis products to the legal D.C. market. The are committed to providing nothing but the highest grade product! the Khaos standard is set extremely high, where the consumer expects it to be in a legal market. The team at Khaos is dedicated to proving the best quality cannabis in the area with a friendly face. They also happen to be the main sponsor for this magical event!
BudLyfe Exclusives(Ms. Dankness): This lady is for sure a badass, hence the reason she’s another sponsor for the event! Ms. Dankness makes the most scrumptious and savory infused food you’ve ever seen in the area. From fully infused meals to gummies, this woman is churning it out! their goal is to assist the medical community through providing education, classes and support groups as well as events that foster additional networking and educational opportunities. She produces many all natural products that have been proven to provide relief from certain ailments. finally, her services range from private consultations to on-site catering and classes.
The bakery I’m most excited to try is called A Taste Of Heaven Cakes! While “A taste of heaven” started out as a traditional bakery, they have now expanded their vast product like to infused sweets and goodies! Known for their cakes and brownies, this bakery is now featuring infused poptarts, candies, cookies, cobblers and even tea! 
If you happen to be in the area, come on down to the event and say hi! We’ll be on site covering live under @MaryJanesHauteHouse on social media!
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